Website privacy statement

Bluebird IT Solutions Ltd. is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Our privacy policy describes how we collect, store, use and protect personal information.

Collection and use of personal data

Our website is used to provide general company information, to promote products and services of the TIS GROUP or its members and gather job applications from potential employees.

We may collect and use personal data of our visitors to maintain the functionality of the website and to provide information about the products and services requested by visitors.

Bluebird does not sell, rent or lend the list of visitors to third parties. All third parties are prohibited from using visitor’s personal data (except for the purpose of providing services to Bluebird with obligation to maintain its confidentiality).

Personal data - The purpose of collection and processing

Personal data that visitors voluntarily leave by filling out contact forms on the Bluebird website will be used solely for the purpose for which the visitor expressed interest:

  • Business collaborations
  • Job applications
  • Messages
  • Subscribe to the newsletter

Personal data - the legal basis for collection and processing

Visitors of this website, if downloading the available information or marketing materials, clearly express an interest in the specific areas of expertise that Bluebird is engaged in.

In accordance with Article 6.1f of the General Data Protection Regulation, Bluebird has a legitimate interest in informing such visitors with additional information, for which they have expressed an interest, and it is considered that they expect and consider such communication desirable.

Any message sent to visitors based on the legitimate interest described above makes it easy for visitor to file a complaint. In case of such a complaint, Bluebird will unconditionally accept it and act upon in the future communication.

Internet addresses

Visitors' Internet (IP) addresses are used solely to generate statistical reports through Google Analytics. Bluebird cannot identify visitors uniquely by IP address.

Security of personal data

Bluebird website protects visitor’s personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Data is stored on servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. The authenticity of the Bluebird web site server can be verified by checking the certificate in an Internet browser. Information exchange with the Bluebird server is ensured by strong encryption (SSL). 

Bluebird uses external services which selection is based on a risk assessment, and therefore requires an appropriate level of protection of personal data from any third party that has access to such data.


Bluebird web site use cookies - text files placed on the visitor's computer by a web server used by the visitor. Files are created when a browser on a visitor’s device loads a website that they have visited, which then sends the data to the visitors browser, which creates a text file (cookie).

Cookies are used by Bluebird website for basic website functions and to provide better user experience to visitors. If you as visitor do not agree by the way of their use, you can easily delete (or prevent) cookies on your computer or mobile device using the browser settings. Bluebird website also provides cookie options form to visitors who can use it to customize web site user experience & cookie use. 

Terms and Conditions

Bluebird reserves the right to amend this Statement to transmit new information on how Bluebird website protects visitor’s personal data. Visitors are free to request a list of all personal data we have received from you, and upon your request we will update, correct or delete the personal data sets.

Visitors' rights

You can request more information about our privacy policy, or to fulfil your privacy and personal data protection rights by contacting or  Bluebird ITS  telephone: +44 (0)845 319 4876