A complete managed service solution for secure data file transfer to/from financial institutions - all for a fixed annual cost.

For compliance reasons, banks and other financial institutions may require new trading partners to use a secure file transfer system when setting up a new business relationship with them.

However, the costs of setting up a connection can be capital intensive and a barrier to opening new partnerships with companies. In addition, new partners may not have the technical in-house expertise to implement and maintain the environment.

  • MFT Go! is an end-to-end solution - from on premise or cloud implementation to ongoing support - of secure managed file transfer using IBM Connect:Direct software
  • The managed service is charged on a simple annual contract basis subject to a one off set up cost
  • The cost of the service is fixed annually and is independent of the volume of data transferred through the system
  • IBM Connect:Direct software is established as an industry standard for achieving a secure file transfer process and is often recommended or even mandated by banks and financial institutions to provide optimum security of sensitive data


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